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Dibb Events is dedicated to running very successful events on behalf of its clients. To help ensure that our aims are achieved, we have developed a few simple guidelines to help exhibitors. As an example, we have included our booking conditions for the 2007 Fowey Christmas Market


Conditions of booking

The following information is given as a guide to the way we operate. You must agree to these conditions to be accepted onto our approved list

1                     Our aims The aim of Dibb Events is to create the best possible atmosphere for both traders and visitors. You will be expected to deal courteously with members of the public and organisers alike. Any dispute regarding location of your stand etc will be resolved on site. The organisers decision is final.

2                    Rubbish is to be removed at the end of each day from site by traders. Public bins in Fowey must not be used for this purpose as there is a very limited amount of waste bin space available in Fowey. Any trader who leaves rubbish on site will be charged according to the collection charge imposed by Restormel Borough Council

3          What is provided? For each stand, we provide a wooden 6ft x 2ft 4" table and an electrical point. Any covers, seating or electrical appliances need to be brought with you. If you plan to use any electrical appliances, you will be responsible for ensuring that they comply with the relevant health and safety legislation

4         Set up The event opens to the public at 10.00am and closes at 5.00pm. You will be able to access the site for setting up after 7am. Volunteers will be available to assist with unloading. Vans and cars cannot be left at the Market site, so must be moved as soon as they have been unloaded. A free bus will be available to bring you back to the market site

5                    Break down The event closes to the public at 4.00pm. on Sunday. Volunteers will be available to assist with loading. Vans and cars will be allowed onto the Town Quay in batches of 6 to ensure that we do not cause a road blockage. Traders will need to be patient – but in 2006 all 60 traders had left the site within 90 minutes of the Market closing. Traders will not start to break their stands down until 4pm on Sunday. A free bus will be available to take you to the car park where your vehicle was left

6          Insurance This cover is essential. You will need to protect yourself from litigation from any member of the public who is harmed whilst on your stand or with your product. If you do not already have cover, you are recommended to contact the specialists - the National Market Traders Federation (www.nmtf.co.uk). Cover for up to £5m is available for under £100, and this covers you for any number of events in the year.



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